Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a wonderful week

This week has been great- I'm a bit late on the blogging (I've decided to go every Wednesday- oops!), but since I last wrote there has been a lot of action on the media front and the truck front, plus life has carried on with it's wonders and obligations and workshops and acting like a chef and all.

Well. Number one on the excitement front- how cute is this? So cute, I tell you. Okay. Not as cute as the one year olds in their Hallowe'en gear, but you know, I don't have kids yet, so... Yay!

And the number two yay was the media attention- in the Ottawa Citizen, no less.  Very exciting indeed.This article was written by Ron Eade, the Citizen's food columnist, after a great event at the Urban Element (which is a lovely kitchen to teach and work in) for the Soup Sisters. It's an amazing organization out of Calgary that makes huge batches of soup for women's shelters. So fun, so community, so healthy.  I'm going to work with them regularly for the next little while to keep the soups scrumptious for Interval House.

A lot of time last week went to workshops- planning, practicing and teaching them- next week is the same. I'm going to present two workshops for the Food For All rollout- the result of months of policy consultations and writing on local food policy. I'm the edutainment! Also going to teach at the Superstore- which should be good too.

What I really need to get on though, is getting the interior of the truck ready for Winterlude- and getting a structure and plan in place. I met the man responsible for the concessions, and he seems keen on having me there, but I need to be ready. I have a commercial kitchen in my sights, and want to start a little delivering to make a little cash and get into a groove beforehand- especially as I will need some employees.  As usual, the broad strokes are worked out well and the planning is great- but the details still need a little work!
Is there some expression about people in ice carriages don't serve soup?

Winterlude will be amazing- it's pretty exciting to have the chance to do this- and soup on the canal in February... Yum!

But it's coming a along- and plans to make money are coming into play, and there is buzz, and the soup is getting out there and getting popular, and that's all good. We're finishing the filming for the film today, plus I'm organizing the truck tasks to be completed, plus updating the website a bit. And the week will see the truck renos on the go- photos of the interior will come on as they get done!

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Sarah said...

I'm a little behind on your blog, so I just read the article in the Ottawa Citizen. It is so cool that you already have a bit of press. I can't wait to see photos of you serving up soup from your truck.