Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well. It's gonna be a short one as I gotta get a redo of my business plan done for the bank tomorrow morning, but here we go!

The Causeway kitchen deal is finalized! Sweet! Start in there next week, just before my first trade show/exhibit with the Y on November 26 at Dominion Chalmers Church, 10-3.

I'm glad this one is before the Locavore Artisan Food Fest on December 12, as that is gonna be big. We- an awesome group of producers, including the Happy Goat, Micheal'sDolce and Siren Bakery- have been organizing since October and have a pretty great line up ready for your gift giving pleasure... Sweetness, savouriness and all kinds of depth and complexity!  It should be fun- and wonderfully busy!

So, I've been planning for those, plus had a great meeting on Monday with Ottawa U- nothing's firm, or even close, but there's a chance the little green truck will be on campus in March! Woot! We looked at some places...

In the not good news, I had a car accident on Friday. Everyone (including my pup Zip) was fine, but the car is kinda damaged. I am deciding right now whether to repair my Civic with 265 000 km on it or to splurge for a new to me car with a flatter and larger cargo space. I'm leaning towards Subaru-ey newness, but need to sleep on it for one more night. I've been fond of Roxanne, but we've been together since she was new, and it may be time to let her go... I got a cold right after the accident and haven't been moving very fast.

A few little things done on the truck, a bit more planning, and it's time to get feverishly fast- January is SOON, especially given how much time things seem to take, and how crazy the next couple of weeks are.

Back to a revisit of the business plan to show the bank tomorrow.

But you know, as has become the case for much of my time of late, I do feel so wonderfully supported by my friends and family, and the world at large. I know this idea is a good one, and I know I can do it, even when I am thinking of how, if I had chosen to do something more simple, I would be earning money by now, and how that'd be pretty nice. It'll come, right? That's the idea of business, anyways. And the support is there, and the love, and the feedback, and I feel pretty lucky. So thanks!

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