Thursday, December 13, 2012

Middle Earth Menu

The University of Ottawa campus gets a bit slow after classes wind down, and the upside of this is that we get to experiment a bit.
To celebrate the opening of The Hobbit, we're experimenting with a Middle Earth Menu based on the books! Here is our planned menu for the week of December 17- December 20, 2012!

Middle Earth Menu

Monday: Comfort Food in Hobbiton
Burglar’s Mushroom Soup
Buckland Mushroom, bacon and beer tarts (veggie option available), with Potatoes and Soup
Tarts without the bacon for the vegetarians
Bilbo’s Seed cake

Tuesday: The Road goes Ever On- Middle Earth Fusion
Shire Tacos- Roast Chicken Tacos, with cheddar & pickles, ale sauce
Veggie Mince tacos (french lentils filling, cheddar & pickles, ale sauce)
Sméagol Soup: Salmon and shrimp soup with leeks, tomatoes and potatoes
Buttered Scones and Raspberry Jam

Wednesday: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire
Troll’s Mutton Sammich- shaved lamb, fresh greens, Smaug sauce, roast taters
Veggie: Misty Mountain/Welsh Rabbit- cheesy toasty sammich, Smaug Sauce with roast taters, salad
Burglar’s Mushroom Soup
Bjorn’s Honey Cakes

Thursday: The Lonely Mountain
Mince pies and cheese, taters, soup (alright, it’s kinda like tortiere, but you know, it’s kinda like Christmas)
Veegie mince pies and cheese, taters, soup or salad
"Onion Ring to Rule Them All" soup (with optional bacons)
Fili’s Apple Barrel Cake

Closed for the End of the World (and the end of exams, and all signs of life on campus)