Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kitchen space! Breathing Room! Movies!

Well. Last week I caught my breath, and it's a good thing, as this week I'm back at a good run. Keeping it all at a jog though, as I want to be able to keep on running for a while on this round. I moved slow last week- and boy, am I glad I did.
Four big pieces of news this week, on top of what's becoming the regular (but not taken for granted) goodness (which this week included teaching a class at Loblaws and having another class booked in for Urban Element).
News One: I have a commercial kitchen space!  Well, nearly. Formalities remain until I am renting evening space at Causeway.  It's a community economic development organization that runs some pretty amazing programs, and it's got a great pastry kitchen, with some good fridge space I can use. I have dried goods storage with my good friend the Happy Goat and freezer space here, so although it's a bit spread out, I should be able to keep things moving for the SOUPSCRIPTION service, the details of which are nearly worked out.
They missed the step where you cook the veggies.
News Two: New website host and some modifications to the website in order to get the Soupscription up and running. They're nearly there- end of the week and there should be a lovely form so you can sign up and I'll deliver you some soup. The actual delivery is going to begin in December- I'm away for the last two weekends of November, one cooking, one at a conference, and still need to firm up my supply, packaging and composting chains.
News Three: My brother is taking on the truck! I tried to be sad when his contract in Northern Saskatchewan ended, but I am selfishly kind of glad he's home and underemployed. I can employ him! He's found an insulation solution already, and is so darned smart and creative and handy, and I'm just so glad... There's a lot to be done, but he just looked at it and saw how to go about it. He's also smart for telling me to hold off on buying things until the right time. Going to the bank for more money is not a dream of mine, but it may become a reality.
News Four: The trailer for the movie! We saw the movie last night, and it is SO good. Rob's got some crazy talent- it's really fun to watch.  Come vote at Carleton on November 25- the whole movie will be up after that.


Wendy said...

Awesome news! xo Wendy

Erin said...

oh wow, that's fun. i love the trailer! i watched it at work (without sound) but it still made me giggle!!

Soup Jackie said...

You gotta watch it with the sound- it's even better. Thanks for watching! Two more weeks 'til launch!