Sunday, September 19, 2010

Does having a website make you real?

One of the aspects of starting a business that has been so interesting has been this process of creating a reality out of an idea, going from brainstorm to business plan, to virtual presence to the physical reality of an actual truck at an actual place with an actual fridge and actual food.
A new stage has just begun- I have a fantastic website up and running, thanks to the help of Steve McCullough and Shane Lemon.  It's been very exciting to get it up and going- even though it's entirely virtual, it's my first really public space out there on the web- besides this blog, which is really a thought piece more than a shingle hanging out there. 

So far, the feedback has been fantastic- I have more to do to put it out into the world- an email to people I've been meeting and chatting with and who have shown an interest, a press release at some point in the near future, hopefully getting some more contacts who will help me to find a location to put the truck... And there's work to be done this week as well- I'm helping out at the Red Apron, getting ready to move my apartment (talk about terrible timing), fixing up the truck and teaching two workshops in the next week.  It's great- I work better when I am busy, but have a lot to focus on.  Thank goodness I have such great support and some decent time management skills! 

So, here it is.  My logo and slogan (which I'm trademarking due to a bit of fortuity. 

My website.  My business. That actually exists.  That didn't used to exist except as an idea. That isn't physically real, but is real. 

Pretty cool. 


mooyootoo said...

Yes, the website makes you real. And the pictures make me real hungry. I'm counting down to the 22nd; I'll be first in line.


Soup Jackie said...

Thanks Bill! It's pretty exciting to be getting ready for the opening- four weeks today! Can't wait to feed you soup!

Wendy, big sistah! said...

Seriously - the 22nd of October! WOOT WOOT! I probably knew this in my brain somewhere but I never clicked that you had assigned a date to it. Love you - this is a wonderful enterprise. xoox