Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We did it!

Not without any hitches, mind you, and certainly not without any stresses, but we had a busy opening weekend with friends coming by, some quick recruiting for help, a lot of laughs, a bit of stress, some really fantastic food, great feedback and great help.

The set up day on Thursday was a bit stressful- the gas folk, who were supposed to finish the truck on Tuesday, were still working away at it two days later. We got Sweetpea back into our loving hands at ten (well, Les did as I ran around getting bread and a float). We got on the ice, and my food supplies started arriving as we got the truck set up. That was really cool- Brad from B. Goods walking across the ice with his cookies and Auntie Loo's lovely cupcakes, Chris from Hall's Apple Cider sliding the crates of apple cider across the ice, Mathieu from Roast'd Nuts slid across, Pierre from the Happy Goat brought us his life saving scrumptious caffeine, the lovely and highly talented Clare arrived, bearing beef, ready steady hands and smarts.

We opened at six, and hoped for crowds that didn't really come... But it was a set up night and we did okay! Lots of friends popping by to say hello- it makes a world of wonderful difference!

Friday was fun- a little slow too, since we opened at six and it seems like the lunch crowd is really where we are going to make it. Leela brought a crowd over

Overall, I have to say, it was awesome. The learning curve was pretty steep on Saturday, as speedy and brilliant Julie and I tried to get systems in place while having a line up for most of the afternoon, running out of overpriced water bottles, my brother taking care of the water tanks. All this while chatting with the bylaw officer who arrived about three minutes after we realized we'd buried the fire extinguisher under a pile of water bottles. She noticed it right off. She also noticed that the gas people (that'd be Superior Propane, who, in my books, officially suck) had not given us the certificate we need to be licensed. We need to track them down.

Have I mentioned how much my brother rocks? He does. He really does. 

 So, here are some pics! Others have taken them... I was kinda busy.


l.ansari said...

Fabulous and the soup rocks! Best wishes and looking forward to tasty more treats.


Leslie & Terry Ansari

lotto draw said...

awesome truck, go go green machine!!

Katherine said...

Hi Jacqueline!

Congrats on starting this great business! I heard you did amazing at Winterlude - hope to visit you at Ottawa U. It's just so great to have local healthy food available like this! All the best,

Katherine (from the Vanier Community Garden Event)