Thursday, July 8, 2010

Websites and Business Plans

Sitting in front of the computer ain't my favourite thing to do, but with temperatures outside on the upside of 40 (with the humidex) I suppose it's better to be out of the kitchen for a couple weeks- but boy, this business planning thing is pretty intense!
It's great to be doing though- I've worked out my mission, am researching information on the industry and the shape of things to come in the food world (and am right at the start of a wave of interest in carefully sourced food) and crunching numbers.  It's good- it gives me a solid plan to work from, and the creative bits are pretty fun to do.  Not as much fun as being in the kitchen, of course, but definitely interesting, and I need it for the bank. 
Speaking of, I am setting up with the credit union Alterna Savings for a business account and loan.  They keep it in the community, and are also pretty hip to the idea of social enterprises, which I plan on working towards in the future.   A future that feels like it's approaching much more quickly than I would like, given the amount of work there is to do and the wicked heat that is preventing any physical labour- or at least making it difficult.
 The website is also being built- it has a host, it has content, but it doesn't really have a structure yet.  It's coming together, and I am using Drupal on the recommendation of a friend- which may just be too complicated for techno-mediocre me... I understand its powerful, but boy, the power to wield it seems to be slightly beyond my skill.  I'm thinking of hiring someone to get it done... My friend can help me, but not for a couple of weeks and I need it to go find myself a spot to park the truck...
Mostly, I'm tempted to go pick apart and chop up the basil I got to practice for my cooking demo of pesto on Sunday at the Lansdowne Farmer's Market- but I gotta get some writing in first!  Back to it!


sshrout said...

outsourcing is a fantastic way to go. It does take some investment but has very good returns. Your blog is fantastic!

Soup Jackie said...

Thanks Stacy! I completely have outsourced the website, and it's coming together really well. I'll be outsourcing to you, as well!