Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Moving SO fast!

Well, the interview went pretty well.
I mean, I think that they liked me, and that's gotta be good, right?  I liked them too.  And I would love to work with them.  It'll be interesting to see if they think I am the best person for the job- I flubbed a couple of questions- the most notable being when I was asked a question in Spanish immediately after speaking French and couldn't get out of French into Spanish... shockingly, my French was okay, and I think that my writing sample was really good. We shall see, we shall see. I have a proposal to make for them to help roll out their Story of Food video... if I get the job, it'll be part of it.  If I don't, maybe I can get a contract! 

The other funny thing that happened at the end of the interview was that one of the interviewers asked if I knew the owner of Credible Edibles- which wouldn't have been that remarkable except she was the third person to ask me that in one week. I gave her a call today, and we are going to meet next week... talk about universal subtlety.  We'll see what comes of it, but good things, I hope!

On other fronts, I baked an amazing orangey almond cake today that rocked my world, ran a million errands getting ready for the Bring Food Home Conference starting tomorrow, AND am finishing my speaking notes on urban hen policy and activism for the talk I'm giving on Friday.  It's all very exciting, but I am wondering why I leave everything to the last minute!  And why, oh why, am I so easily distracted! Like for example, blogging at the 11th hour.  

Thank goodness for lovely roommates and neighbours who get it that I can sit and eat the excellent take out (not the going out we'd hoped for, but thank you Shanghai!), but have to jump up after it's done to get back to the work (not the blogging, not the blogging).  Oh, and during  to take a call from Vancouver's food policy council about the status of their hen policy.  It got sidelined during the Olympics, if you can imagine!  What great people I live with and near.  Lucky me!

Well.  Finishing up the last section of the talk, and then some sleep before I hop in a car with three of Ottawa's finest food activists on our way to the big KW.   My little Zip dog is in the car with us for two hours, so it's going to be a bit crowded.  My wonderful family is going to take care of him for a couple of days.

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BoatMama said...

I just looked at Credible Edibles website, and it is too bad you are not the owner because it looks awesome. I hope that something good comes of meeting with her.
I really think you have tons of cool ideas and I hope that they sort of gel together into something great! Good luck.